Lynn E. Yonge, MD, FAAFP, FAWM

Raymond Maguire, MD

Luke Adams, MD

  • Act as a medical group leader in backcountry or other remote settings.

  • Advise a wilderness travel group concerning care and evacuation of ill or injured members.

  • Plan for the medical support of wilderness and adventure travel experiences.

  • Manage common illnesses and injuries in an austere environment with limited resources.

  • Understand the physician’s role in search and rescue.                                                                          

  • Identify and plan for special hazards in a variety of extreme environments.

  • Demonstrate basic competence in exotic travel and wilderness survival skills.

Built on a foundation of medical therapy improvisation and self-sufficient outdoor skills, the Wilderness Medicine Elective has prepared students to function as healthcare providers anywhere in the world, under any circumstance. For the past four years, Dr. Yonge and associates have produced practitioners that are effective in disaster and humanitarian settings, with out without a hospital.

Special Topics

Wilderness Medicine Overview
Water Purification and Hygiene
Wilderness Medical Advisor
Wilderness Dermatology
Large Animal attacks in the Southeast
Wilderness Wound Care
Wilderness First Aid Kits
Personal Camping Gear
Tents and Group Camping Gear
Shark Attacks
Tree Stand Injuries
Living or Dying at the Wildland Urban Interface

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Wilderness First Aid certification, (16 hours)
Special Wilderness Topics, (12 hours)
Knot Tying/mentorship day (8 Hours)
Canoe Training (6 Hours)
Controlled Burn/Wilderness Conservation weekend (30 hours)
Wilderness Expedition, 5 days (104 hours)

Total Hours (approximate): 176

For more information, check out the elective course description.

Elective Course Description

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