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Beginning with the initial assessment of the patient, we move onto field management of trauma, drowning, lightning strikes, hypothermia, envenomation, and more. Extensive hands-on and field simulation components occur each day in order to apply the skills and knowledge discussed in classroom sessions. 

Advanced Wilderness Life Support


From physicians, firefighter paramedics, and cave rescuers our team of educators instructs in practical, wilderness medicine that can be implemented outside of the classroom.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Practical Scenarios

Work with fellow students to practice your skills in medical scenarios while an instructor observes. Get direct feedback to improve your skills and solidify the wilderness medicine fundamentals.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Small Group Sessions

Discuss medical scenarios and personal experiences with instructors and students as you practice field diagnosing and patient care.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Hands-on Teaching

Small additions to the curriculum are added throughout the class to break up the lecturing schedule. Get hands on experiences with portable hyperbaric chambers, tourniquets, SAM Splints, traction splints, and hemostatic dressings. Everyone will get a chance to practice with the hemostatic manakins with clotting, fake blood.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Wilderness Scenario

Team-up with students as you are tested on your skills to treat patients in the backcountry. Fashion splints, bandaging, and patient packaging with gear that you would find in any recreationist’s pack.

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