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Wilderness First Aid Course – Coming Soon!

We are diligently working on a new course offering. The Wilderness First Aid course will be open to anyone who doesn’t have previous medical training. Please follow us on our facebook page for updates.

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Bleeding Control Training

A coalition including the White House, American College of Surgeons, Department of Homeland Security, and the Hartford Consensus has developed a program called “Stop the Bleed” (www.bleedingcontrol.org) intended to train and prepare the public in providing life-saving assistance to bleeding victims during the interval before emergency medical services arrives.¬† Because victims can die of hemorrhage¬†within five minutes, this preparation is entirely analogous to training bystanders to deliver CPR in the critical first minutes.

Stop the Bleed is being incorporated into training for teachers, administrators, and other faculty in many districts. Georgia recently appropriated funds sufficient to provide Stop the Bleed training and emergency equipment in all 2,292 public schools in the state.

Our one hour long, hands-on course is lead by a certified “Stop the Bleed” instructor, and includes the use of our hemorrhage-control manikins .

If you or your organization would be interested in setting up a class, then please click the button below or email us at info@alwma.org